AI powered workplace safety and compliance

Add AI computer vision capabilities to your existing cameras for detections in PPE violation, fire & smoke, mobile usage, Gowning Process, Intruder, Pilferages and many more

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COVID Specific Use-Cases

Other Industry Use- Cases

RayVision PPE Violation Detection – Construction

RayVision is the AI solution for PPE violation detection. It scans through the CCTV footage in real-time and alerts any safety protocol breach as mobile push notifications and desktop alerts to the concerned. It can even be integrated with IoT devices and messages can be broadcasted through speakers in construction and manufacturing floors.

RayVision will send out to mobile,email notifications to the manager or the person of authority to make sure the timely events are notified to the manager, so that any violation detected can be attended to on time and help in preventing any further accidents.

The dashboard will give meaningful insights into your violations detected by RayVision. The dashboard will help managers take necessary actions to strategize and maintain safe working environment.

Why RayVision

  • Deploy in Weeks
  • Be Compliant
  • Be Safe
  • Monitor 24/7
  • Act Immediately
  • Mobile Notifications With Violation Clippings
  • Live Streaming Dashboards


Safe Work Environment

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Predictive Maintenance

Product Inspection

Quality Control

Quicker Response to Issues

Replacing Monitoring Manpower